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You are busy enough being a financial adviser and/or compliance manager, so we have built CPDplus to make your life easier. Eliminate complicated user interface, confusing excel spreadsheets and hundreds of emails floating around your organisation. CPDplus takes the pain out of continuous professional development and compliance training and turns it into a complete and rewarding learning experience.

Progress Bar new!

Progress bar that show you how you are tracking with your CPD Points to date against your training plan total requirements for the year.

Progress Bar screen

CPD Training Plan

Your CPD Training Plan has also been enhanced to add green colour coding of competencies that you have successfully completed to provide a sense of accomplishment.

Training Plan screen

Comprehensive Learning Material

Mentor’s CPD content are videos and articles written by industry experts and respected academics. Mentor is in constant consultation with the key stakeholders in the financial services industry to:

  • Identify adviser’s needs.
  • Provide them with relevant resources to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Each video and article is aligned to a competency area to help advisers meet their compliance requirements in line with ASIC’s regulatory guidelines and industry requirements for advisers to maintain their competence at a level appropriate for the adviser service they provide.

Article + Video

More than 500 Articles and Videos

CPDplus have more than 500 articles and videos, written by a large range of subject matter experts, leading industry professionals, respected academics and 10 corporate partners.

Study Anywhere and Everywhere

CPDplus is designed to fit most of the modern devices. Whether you choose to study on your desktop at your home or office, or using tablets, anywhere you like.

CPD + Qualifications

Advisers will be able to expand their areas of expertise by accessing online articles that cover a national recognised curriculum and contribute to their CPD plan. This multiplies the level of motivation an advisers has to complete their CPD training;as they also can benefit from becoming RG146 qualified to provide advice in new specialty area or even obtain their next professional qualification.

Free Trial any of our Qualifications

Simply, click ADD COURSES and choose any one of 30 financial services courses.

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For Compliance Managers

Easily Keep Track of Staff Compliance

On logging in, Compliance Managers are presented with their dashboard showing User Activity in the last 14 days

Staff activity screen

Bulk Upload Points

The Bulk Upload capability, that enables compliance managers to allocated CPD points to all users who attend a Professional Development Day or Roadshow with one simple entry, has now been enhanced to better accommodate multiple speakers and competencies to be allocated in a PD event.

Bulk upload interface

External Points: Pending Requests

The External Points Pending Requests is a workflow management system that allows the compliance managers to review and approve all adviser requests for ‘other’ CPD points in relation to external CPD training such as industry conferences, study and roadshows.

External point request dashboard

Easily Generate and Send Reports

You can use the standard reports, create your own or export data as a CSV or XLS file to import into a spreadsheet for analysis.

Reports screen

Points Analysis Report

The Points Analysis Report allows managers to sort and analyse advisers by average attempts to see which advisers may require support and monitoring. The report also shows the number of points achieved via CPDplus or via external means, providing the user with an overview of material source and CPDplus usage.

Group Points Analysis Report

The Group Points Activity Report highlights CPD Point shortfalls in red, allowing managers to compare activity between different divisions and compare activity between different users in a specific group selected.

CPD Points Report

The CPD Points Report allows the compliance managers to analyse the popularity of specific articles by sorting articles by Division or group, last attempt, competency, adviser and title. This report helps to identify if advisers in the same division or group are doing the same articles at the same time.

External Points Report

The External Points Report allows the compliance managers to analyse the popularity of ‘external’ professional development activity by sorting external training by division, group, adviser, date, activity title, provider and points requested and approved.

CPD Users Report

The CPD Users Report lists all CPDplus users within an organisation, by Division Group or role. It also helps to allows the compliance managers to analyse the CPD activity of advisers by division, group, adviser, role, date, activity title, provider and last assessment date.

Saved Report

The Saved Reports page contains all your favourite customised reports for easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I access content only?

Yes, after 10 years of collaborating with the world’s leading financial services organisations, CPDplus has a rich and comprehensive feature set to meet virtually any need. Get in touch with us to further discuss your needs.

Q: Can I add my own content?

It’s all part of the service. Simply get in touch with us and we will load your policies, procedures, compliance and other training courses at no charge.

Q: Can I use the platform only?

Yes, the platform is ideally suited for industry associations, training organisations and enterprises to deliver their course and professional development requirements. Contact us to discuss our competitive pricing options, depending on the volume of users.

Q: Can I host it internally in my network?

This is only offered to enterprise customers and requires custom pricing in order to fit your security, integration and network requirements.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?

There are no contracts. Terms and conditions are detailed on this website, with Month-to-Month, One Year (5% off), Two Years (10% off) or Three Years (15% off) billing options.

Q: Can I customise the appearance of CPDplus?

Yes, you can - we’d love to personalise CPDplus so that it matches your branding and corporate identity, allowing you to create your own academy, intranet or learning management system.

Q: Can I use it as a fully-fledged Learning Management System?

CPDplus contains many of the features of popular learning management systems such as Blackboard and Moodle out of the box. If you have custom learning management system requirements which aren’t currently included in CPDplus, we would be happy to discuss these with you.

Q: Can CPDplus integrate with my other IT systems?

CPDplus currently integrates with well-known systems such as SafeTrac, Microsoft Active Directory and many others. We are adding new integrations regularly, so get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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